Cigarettes and Smoking

September 20, 2010

More and more Trading Standards professionals are having to include health-related issues within their areas of expertise. Obvious examples include expanding food enforcement to tackle issues of healthy eating and obesity, and working with the Police and other agencies to tackle underage drinking.  However, the focus again is on cigarettes and smoking with the imminent tobacco display ban coming into force in Scotland, and publicised debates in the press this recently between the Tobacco Retailers Alliance and Anti-Smoking Groups.

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Rogue Traders

August 16, 2010

A recent press release from the OFT has warned that the current summer is likely to prompt an increase in rogue traders, as consumers realise that the combination of light evenings and lack of rain make perfect conditions for home improvements.

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Alcohol Pricing

June 22, 2010

The new coalition government brings fresh ideas and ways of tackling age old problems. The British culture of binge and underage drinking only appears to be getting worse if media reports and latest statistics are true. There is mounting pressure to make changes which will address this problem area.

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