The Best Just Got Better

Allow us to blow our trumpet, as our service has now got even better, offering a wide range of resources to help you, the user, create policy and communicate with the workforce.

We support professionals to reduce risk, save time and stay compliant. As well as a library of third-party documents and key publishers, our regularly reviewed resources provide not just technical guidance, but policy and risk assessment assistance as well as support for better communication with key stakeholders and the workforce.

Click on the links below to select all of the key health and safety topics:

  • Technical Guide – an in depth guide for the competent person covering all relevant aspects of the topic
  • Director’s Briefings – a short, clear summary of the topic, including key responsibility, legislation, case law and recommendations for Directors
  • Employee Factsheets – clear, concise information aimed at the workforce concerning identifying, managing and controlling the risks and hazards
  • EHO checklists – checklists primarily aimed at local authorities to assist with consistency of support and auditing on a topic, but also to assist businesses to pre-empt expectations
  • Permits to work – supporting documentation needed in a permit to work system, where works are high risk and specific controls are required.
  • Model policies – a basis to work from, to create policy tailored to your organisation
  • Forms and checklists – to assist with audits and risk assessments.

These resources are just part of the enhancements to our service that makes it even easier to access key information and ensure, health and safety professionals reduce the amount of time needed to be  spent on routine information tasks, so more time can be spent on the activities that really add value to an organisation’s safety performance and culture.

What do you think about the enhancements to the new service? Why not add a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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