Persuading Directors: Creating Business Cases for Health and Safety

Recently Barbour ran a webinar about Persuading Directors: Creating Business Cases for Health and Safety. If you’d like to watch the webinar, in its entirety, you can by clicking on this link here.

What the webinar was about….

This session explored the various levers at the disposal of the Professional in persuading Directors to take health and safety seriously. It touched on knowing your audience and having some insight into what you can use to gain buy in from your Director. This may range from:-

  • Aligning the argument with other business risk management and reputational issues
  • Understanding your own Directors’ values and how to appeal to these.
  • The impact of current legislation – particularly the Corporate Manslaughter (and Corporate Homicide) Act 2007 and The Health and Safety Offences Act 2008
  • Case law and prosecution information
  • Comparators with other peer group organisations
  • Demonstrating the financial sense of the argument
  • Understanding the culture of the organisation and how it wishes to be perceived in the market place.

There was also be a brief demonstration of how the Barbour service can assist in communicating up the line – particularly using the new Director’s Briefings.

The webinar was hosted by Iam Clements. Ian Clements is MD of Quadriga Health and Safety and has extensive experience in advising Boards of Directors about Health and Safety. Quadriga provides specialist health and safety consultancy and training to a wide range of clients including Lloyd’s Register, Nuffield Health, Priory Healthcare and Virgin Media.

Ian personally has over 25 years experience in occupational health and safety, gained across a wide range of industries and activities, both the UK and overseas including heading the health and safety function for Thames Water Plc and Smiths Industries Plc (now Smiths Group).


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